Frequently Asked Questions 

What croquet rules do you play?

We play the Hove Beach rules. Click here to download the Handbook with the rules.   Our standard game is for four players,    it is simple, relatively quick and basically social.

Are there any etiquette rules or a dress code?

We are not the kind of club with too many rules or codes. But the following guidance may be useful:

    • Flat shoes must be worn (or play in bare feet).
    • Men should keep their shirts on and trousers up.
    • If you are in a game, unless you have a baby or something like that, try to pay attention. If you do, when it is your turn it won't take you so long to remember where you are.
    • We love kids, and even have small mallets they can play with, but if they are on the green, they should be supervised. If your children are a nuisance (we decide) we might say something. Please don't take this the wrong way as we will only intervene if they are damaging the green/equipment, or really getting on our nerves.
    • It is perfectly acceptable to try to influence your opponents during a game. If you are not thinking about croquet in this way, you are not playing it correctly. However, this should be done in a respectful way and you should stop talking when people are preparing to take their shot. Then, when the shot has been played, you shouldn’t harangue or castigate any opponent for their choice of shot. If they did something you would prefer they hadn’t, you have to take it on the chin.

Can we bring our own equipment?

Yes, but the green fees are the same.

 Is there a cafe?

Yes. Excellent breakfasts are served from 10.00am. There is reasonably priced, good food all day, a daily specials board and the service is great. 

Is there a bar?

There is a very good subsidised bar, run by the Hove & Kingsway Bowling Club next door. As a visitor to the Croquet Club, you can pay a daily membership of £1 to the Bowling Club. 

Where are you?   

We are located on Kingsway, next to the Hove and Kingsway Bowling Club,  between the King Alfred Leisure Centre and The Venue Beach Bar (formerly The View).

Please see the Contact Us page where there is a Google Map of the Hove Beach Croquet Club location.