Throughout the season, local businesses and organisations hire the croquet club for team building events or just as a           social activity for their staff - it is the perfect evening after work.

You can book the pitches from 5.00 pm Monday to Thursday, and most people at these events are still playing when                  the sun goes down.

On the day of your event the pitches will be set up for your arrival, and a viewing area arranged with deckchairs, tables and gazebos.

Up to 16 people can be playing at any one time.  If there are more than 16 playing we find that in between games people are happy to:

  • sit in deckchairs and chat;
  • go for a swim or sit on the beach (10 seconds away);
  • have a drink from the bar or food from the café;
  • play Scrabble, chess, boules, backgammon or badminton.

To hire the club for an evening event, the cost is £175.00.

For enquiries and bookings, send us a message through the Contact Us page.