Covid-19 Guidance for Playing Croquet

The following guidance relates to all croquet played at the club until further notice. This guidance will be kept under review and we will adapt accordingly.

The hut has some sanitising products (mainly for cleaning playing equipment), which you are free to use.  While it is our intention to do what we can to ensure a safe environment, it is very much down to individual players to take personal responsibility for their own safety.

Coming down to the club

 Don’t come down to the club, if you:

  • suspect you might have coronavirus or;
  • are concerned you have been in close contact with someone who has coronavirus

Opening and being in the hut

  • One person per couple/group should take responsibility for getting the hoops, mallets, balls etc from the hut.
  • Try not to crowd in the hut or around the door


Feel free to play as normal

Putting equipment away

  • One person per couple/group should take responsibility for putting equipment away.

Take your own rubbish away with you for disposal (cloths, cleaning paper, wipes, gloves etc).


Again, we think social activities can go ahead as normal, so get the deck chairs out!